Go camping when it rains

A camping vacation is synonymous with pleasure and fun, but it can become a real nightmare if you get caught for a few days of rain and you are not prepared. Here we bring you some recommendations and tips so that your getaway is an adventure with the least possible setbacks.

1 # Leave home well equipped

It all starts at home. The preparation of the material is essential so that everything goes smoothly during your stay. The first thing is to verify that your equipment is waterproof and that it is in good condition. It is essential to avoid going with a tent or tarps with gaps. Speaking of tarps, these will be your best friend during rainy days: they will allow you to isolate your tent from the wet ground, protect the roof or lengthen the outdoor space for rest, among others. On the other hand, clothing is also an essential item. Give preference to fast-drying synthetic fibers over cotton, good water-resistant footwear and waterproof layers of protection. And don't forget to grab several pairs of spare socks.

2 # Arrival at the campsite: choose the right place

Once you arrive at your well-equipped campsite, you have to choose the right place to camp. It is advisable to choose slightly elevated places, with a slight incline, away from the humid areas where the water currents are concentrated (pay attention to the nearby streams), especially to avoid eventual floods.

3 # Install properly

When you are installing, remember to tighten the elements very well to prevent the water from stagnating with the weight. You can also create extra protection by installing a canvas on top, which can be extended beyond your tent creating an awning to install yourself outside as a terrace. As you will surely arrive from your excursions wet and with boots full of mud, it is also advisable to create a space in which to leave these items and not take them inside your store. Try to keep the interior space as dry and clean as possible. You can, for example, protect wet items with a plastic bag until you have a chance to dry them well (don't forget to do it as soon as possible so they don't get damaged by moisture). Once inside, remember not to leave anything next to the walls of the store, as this is the area that will most tend to get wet and damp. Little trick, cover these seams with a waterproof sealant: you will run less risk of water entering.

4 # Enjoy the experience

If you are well prepared to avoid the cold and catch a cold, the experience of camping in the rain will be unforgettable and most pleasant. You can take the opportunity to enjoy a good book accompanied by those unique aromas of nature in the rain. As a family, it is an ideal time to play board games. We remind you to anticipate the time of the meal, since making a fire outside will be difficult with humidity, and inside the store you should not make a fire, so you can think about taking food prepared in a tupperware or canned food.