Halloween: family activities

More and more children are adept at this festivity of Anglo-Saxon origin, which for them is synonymous with costumes, chocolates and fun. Celebrating it at a campsite is an ideal option that will allow you to enjoy the familiarity and proximity of these outdoor establishments with all comfort and convenience. The little ones in the house will undoubtedly not forget such a special occasion, shared with their neighbors on the plot or bungalow. Here we bring you some ideas to celebrate it as a family in a big way.

1 # Themed crafts

We know that children love to take advantage of any occasion to take their paintings and costumes out of the closet, so do not leave anything at home and load the car well to make the experience unique. At your campsite you can characterize yourself as a family with the most creepy costumes, which can even be made by yourself. On the other hand, you can take an activity card or print some cards yourself so that children lose track of time coloring. If you have material at home from the past Christmas or Carnival, don't forget it! Take it all to create themed garlands and decorations in your bungalow and create a most terrifying atmosphere. Let your imagination fly and create pumpkin-shaped boxes like the one we leave you here, or invent a memory card game for children to learn vocabulary and speed up their memory.

Felt boxes for Halloween (June Gathercole Unsplash)

2 # Cook as a family

This is the ideal occasion to spend a very tasty family moment. Encourage everyone to make a Halloween recipe together and challenge each other to see who makes the most original presentation. You can make endless recipes taking advantage of the emblematic Halloween pumpkin or daring with sweets. How about making skeleton cookies, chocolate spider web muffins, or terrifying ghost cakes?

Halloween cookies

3 # Autumn motifs and roasted chestnuts

Let's not forget that All Saints Day was already celebrated in the United States and other countries before the arrival of Halloween. We can highlight within our country the tradition of the Castañada, which receives different names in each region (for example, Magosto in Galicía, Amagüestu in Asturias, or Gaztainerre in the Basque Country), an ideal occasion to eat roasted chestnuts to combat the cold . In Catalonia, in addition to chestnuts, it is typical to eat sweet potatoes and the famous "panellets", made from almonds, sugar and potatoes or sweet potatoes. So do not hesitate to take advantage of your camping getaway to try cooking these regional specialties and decorate your accommodation with autumn motifs, especially if your children are not the most fans of Halloween.

Roasted chestnuts

4 # Costumes and makeup

On the other hand, the Mexican tradition of the Day of the Dead on November 1 or 2 is well known. This traditional celebration is considered Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO, and is characterized by its parades and its offering rituals. This year you can launch yourself to discover this tradition and dare to put on makeup as they do in Mexico with skull motifs.

Day of the Dead makeup

5 # Enjoy the campsite animations

Exactly, without going any further. Your own campsite will propose an endless number of thematic activities to make these days unique. You will enjoy entertainment for children and the whole family, as well as activities for young people and adolescents. The entertainment team will be delighted to host culinary activities, dances, contests, cinema or reading sessions, and much more! All this without forgetting the most important thing: the trick or treat. What better way to celebrate it than in a pedestrian area such as the campsite, taking the children to neighboring bungalows? They will certainly have a great time with the other children and will ask you to come back next year.

Let's see what activities to do as a family this year you will not miss, and if you also celebrate it at your favorite campsite, you will benefit from many animations for the kids and young people of the house.