#YourCampingStory - Camping Trevélez, Alejandra Sitges

Camping managers and professionals in the sector open their doors to us and take the floor on the Harmony Heart Camp blog, to share with us their day-to-day life and their knowledge of the territory.

Today Alejandra Sitges takes the floor from Camping Trevélez, in Granada (Andalusia).

I am Alejandra Sitges, of Catalan origin and Andalusian sentiment. I have lived in Trevélez for 15 years, when we bought the Trevélez Camping, located in this magical place of infinite nature. I encourage you to visit us and I promise that you will not be disappointed.

Harmony Heart Camp : When your clients come on vacation for the first time, what advice do you give them? What is the most important thing to do?

When customers arrive at the campsite, I immediately observe and find out what they may be looking for. The first thing I offer you are mountain routes, so that you can live and enjoy everything that my eyes have seen during these 15 years in which I have explored every corner. According to the limitations of each client and family, I offer them a personalized route (always pushing them to improve themselves, which they thank me later), since we have routes of all kinds and levels. Then, to reward the effort, I offer you all the pleasures of our beautiful town of Trevélez and of the Alpujarra itself. Gastronomy, culture, history and walks through the streets so typical and unique, from where the most precious photos that your retina memorized, but that the photo killed, will be taken.

You know that you will soon receive clients who have been confined to your home for several weeks… What is the best advice you could offer them to take advantage of these moments at your Trevélez campsite?

Most of the people have had to be confined in small places, with artificial light and annoying sounds that do not let the mind rest and prevent rest. The best advice we have for our client is to take advantage of nature inside the campsite and its pleasant sounds of birds and other beings, as well as the water from the canal that runs through the entire campsite and can be heard to calm the mind. You will also be able to enjoy the light of the stars and the moon, without artificial light that prevents you from contemplating all its beauty, since from 12 o'clock at night we always turn off the lights of the campsite so that customers can see this night show.

It delayed its opening dates due to the coronavirus and it has time. Have you thought about services directly linked to clients who will seek coexistence, but also security?

We have now 35 days (since the state of alarm was declared in our country) working for the arrival of our clients. We have started to paint and fix any pending imperfections, but we have also cleaned the land of stubble, leaves, branches, so that it is very clean and you can see the separation of plots, the spaces that each client will have for himself. The great advantage having the land that we have and the open space, is that you can live together while keeping your distance. In addition, we always give the option that the client can choose a plot to have the privacy they need. We already did that before COVID-19, and the client was infinitely grateful. From now on it will be even more required by customers and we will continue to offer the possibility of choosing space, so that they can be separated and feel totally safe. Likewise, our toilets will be equipped with soap for our clients and disinfected twice a day as we did before. Perhaps we will put more emphasis now on disinfection, but our campsite was already very scrupulous about cleaning the toilets before COVID-19, so it will continue to be that way.

You, who grew up in Catalonia, know your region or the people who live there well. Could you give us your definition?

I was actually born in Barcelona, ​​but I only lived there until I was 10 years old. Later I returned to explore Catalonia and its charms. It is a region of so much variation in nature, culture and history that you never stop discovering its charms, no matter how many times you go. About the people who live there, I could say that they are very hard-working and formal, and that they love their land.

You have many loyal customers at the Trevélez campsite, why do you think people come and come back to your campsite?

We know first-hand that there are two fundamental factors why our client returns to our Camping. One is the Natural and National Park of Sierra Nevada and its spectacular nature, and the other is the close and humane treatment we give our client. But the most incredible thing about our clients is that after many years visiting us they could choose other nature destinations for a change, but they want to come to the Trevélez Camping to see us and because, as they themselves say, a special and unique energy is experienced in this place. . That's what keeps our loyal customers coming back.

Camping Trevélez

Camping is primarily human contact and exchanges. Give us the 3 words or expressions that best define your reception team, the values ​​and the spirit of your establishment:

  • Welcome
  • Service
  • Personalized and humane treatment

Do you establish special cancellation conditions, lighter general conditions of sale, to facilitate the purchase act of your future clients? If so, which ones?

We have adapted to the circumstances and have modified our cancellation conditions. Before, on certain days of arrival, it was no longer possible to cancel or refund the reservation, now we offer to save the reservation for 6 months for national clients and up to 1 year for European and rest of the world clients. We have already applied these conditions and the client has been very grateful to us, communicating his desire to come for the first time or return again. Added to this, we have created a COVID-19 BONUS for future sales: the purchase of the stay, both in camping and accommodation, can be done now without fixed dates, and they have up to 1 year to be able to use it when it suits the client best (or when they can finally travel within the United States or from their home countries to the United States).

Could you share a secret with us? For example, what do you like to do when the campsite closes at the end of the season?

We never close our Camping Trevélez but we do enjoy our surroundings. We are mountaineers and cyclists, so on every birthday, father's or mother's day, or simply on our days off, we have given ourselves a route, both as a couple with my husband and with our daughters. Our gifts have been mountain adventures, cycling routes up to 3000 meters, sleeping next to a lagoon, canyoning, sharing efforts, food, drink, and extraordinary emotions. And after these efforts, enjoy our exquisite cuisine.

Trevélez campsite surroundings

You can find Alejandra Sitges and her companions at the Trevélez de Granada campsite or through her website .