Coronavirus impact | Post 2: The same fall, the same noise

A few days ago we communicated the figures on the trend of the Ctoutvert Panel reserves: the objective is not to depress you, but to inform you of the moment in which the countertrend will arrive, when the curve will reverse and we will have to react ... because that moment is going to get.

The darkest hour has arrived for the Spanish market, we do not see a counter trend and this week the figures are not positive either. The only novelty is regarding the rest of the countries that, today, are in the same situation or even worse ...

What we want is to return to normality. Thanks, not only to the information from Ctoutvert, but also to the feedback from our colleague Maria and our agent in charge of Harmony Heart Camp, Sophie, we try and will try to reflect and give you an image of the situation to have a complete vision of the largest European markets.

The way out of the crisis will come, sure, but it will not come at a specific time. It will be progressive. In some areas, in some countries, it will be stronger and more territorial, but also the dates will be different. Our statistical work is to inform you of the small positive details that will arrive in the next few weeks.