Project Credit: Payday loan of up to 15,000 euros!

Who doesn’t have a personal or family project today? The studies of children, the master that your boss has asked you to do to improve your position in the company or the reform that your partner has been asking for months. Any of them supposes an additional expense that, many times, we cannot cover with the payroll or the monthly income. That is why Bankil launched its Project Credit, a type of Payday loan specially designed for all those cases in which rapid financing is very useful.

Bankil Project Credit Information

Bankil Project Credit Information

Possibly you have heard about Bankil or have seen its advertisement on television. It is a financial institution that has been in the financing sector for more than 20 years and has already granted loans to 1.5 million people worldwide. In fact, they presume to be the entity that invented the sale of distance credits more than 20 years ago.

Bankil puts at your disposal different credits and outstanding loans: Payday loans, Payday loans and renewable credits. Among all of them we wanted to talk to you about the Project Credit, one of the best Payday loans that you can apply for in the year 2017.

And why is the Bankil Project Credit one of the best financing solutions if you need an urgent Payday loan ? We will show you below.

Why apply for the Bankil Project Credit?

Why apply for the Bankil Project Credit?

Neither 100 euros nor 1,000 euros. Bankil puts at your disposal amounts ranging from 4,000 euros to 15,000 euros and does so through its Project Credit.

The Bankil Project Credit is a type of Payday loan that you can use to:

  • Buy a used vehicle.
  • Acquire a new car or a motorcycle.
  • Make a reform of your home.
  • Pay for the dental treatment you need.
  • Access some studies that will help you progress in your working life.
  • Buy a musical instrument.
  • Pay for the communion of your children or celebrate a wedding in style.
  • Make the trip of your dreams.

If you need urgent money for a different cause and for a lower amount, then you should access information on microcredits

Advantages of the Bankil Project Credit

There are a thousand reasons to request a Payday loan and Bankil puts at your disposal the Project Credit so that you can fulfill each of them.

The advantages of this Payday loan are varied, but basically we can highlight three:

  • It’s quick and easy, since you just have to fill out the online application and wait for approval.
  • It is a considerable amount of money, since you can access amounts of money ranging from 4000 to 15000 euros. And very quickly!
  • It is a flexible loan because you choose what amount you need, what monthly fee you want to pay and in what period you want to pay it back.

Interest and additional expenses of the Project Credit

Regarding the financial conditions, it must be said that the interest rate of the Project Credit, as well as the conditions of the loan, are really good compared to other Payday loans of other online financial institutions.

Thus, for example, there is no opening commission, which already represents a significant saving when it comes to repaying the loan within the due date. The interest rates that Bankil applies in the Project Code range from 4.95% to 16.95% in the case of TIN and from 5.07% to 18.43% in the case of APR.

All interest calculation will depend on the options you choose in the Project Credit simulator that you can access from here

If, for example, you choose to finance 4,000 euros for the reform of the home kitchen and want to pay around 100 euros (in this case, the simulator marks the minimum amount of 101.36 euros), as well as return it in 48 months, the Total amount due will be 4,860.52 euros.

With these selections, Bankil has made the calculation based on a TIN of 9.95% and an APR of 10.42%, without any opening commission (0%)

10 Customer Service

In addition, we must highlight another feature of Bankil that makes it one of the best online platforms to request a Payday loan and that is that its customer service is one of the best.

You can contact them if you have any questions or you can fill out a free call request for an operator to call you at the telephone number you have entered and at the time you select yourself.

Finally, the repayment term of the Bankil Project Credit is quite wide, since it goes from 12 to 72 months.

Bankil loans without payroll

As with other Payday loans online, the Bankil Project Credit is accessible to people without payroll. Of course, you must provide some kind of proof of monthly income that guarantees the return of the money requested in your Project Credit, either in the form of a benefit, pension or other.

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How to apply for the Bankil Project Credit

How to apply for the Bankil Project Credit

The step by step to request a Payday loan in Bankil is very simple. In fact, we can explain how to make your application online in just three steps:

Bankil Loan Requirements

If you are already clear about the project for which you need fast money you should know that, before applying for the Bankil Project Credit, you have to meet a series of requirements for it to be approved:

  • Be of legal age, that is, be 18 years of age or older, but exceed the age of 75.
  • Justification of the purpose of the loan: buy a car, take a trip, pay for studies, make a reform, dental treatment, celebrations, musical instruments, etc. This means that Bankil can request a specific budget for the product in which you want to use the money you are requesting.
  • Photocopy of ID or NIE
  • Sufficient monthly income to guarantee the repayment of the loan (payroll, pension, unemployment benefit, etc.)

Bankil loan simulator

If you meet the above requirements you are a perfect candidate to apply for a Payday loan in this worldwide known entity. You can start by using the Bankil loan simulator in which you must enter: for what type of project you need your loan, the amount to be financed, the amount or monthly payment and the number of months or term of repayment of the money.

When you fill in all this information, the Project Credit simulator itself will show you the opening commission, the TIN and the APR of the operation, as well as the total amount due, which will be the one you will return by adding the totality of the monthly payments you have selected.

Well, if you agree with the conditions, you just have to click on the “apply” button and fill out the Bankil loan application.

Sending the loan application

Once you have clicked on the “request money” button on the simulator of the Bankil home page, a form will appear that you must fill in with your personal data. Through this form, which in Bankil they call “ personalized study without commitment ”, the professionals behind the platform will analyze if your income and your loan preferences are compatible in order to approve the application.

In this form you will start by entering your contact information : name, surname, date of birth, email, confirm if you are a Spanish resident and accept the data protection clause. Later you will fill in your personal data and current situation. To the right of all these blank sections you will find the conditions of your application, which are the ones that you have entered on the screen immediately before when you used the simulator.

When you have completed everything you must click on the continue button and, from there, start the analysis of your data and your financial situation to estimate if you will be a good borrower or if you do not meet the requirements of the Bankil Project Credit.

Up to 15,000 euros in minutes

Bankil is a really fast platform when it comes to processing and approving loan applications, but it must be said that it is not the fastest of all. In fact, you can have your loan approved and the money in your checking account in just 24 hours, but it may also be that the operation and receipt of the money is extended three or four days after the application date.

Anyway, with Project Credit it is possible to obtain up to 15,000 euros in just a few hours. Once your loan application is approved, Bankil makes a bank transfer to the checking account number that you have entered in the form and, depending on your bank, you will receive the money sooner or later.

It can also happen that, before you can see that Payday loan of 15,000 euros in your account, Bankil asks you for some additional documentation to approve your loan application. If this happens to you, do not worry, it is a mere process of checking certain requirements.

Bankil Project Credit Opinions

Bankil Project Credit Opinions

On the Bankil website itself it is possible to access a good number of positive opinions about the entity’s Payday loans, as well as the service provided by the professionals behind.

For example, sommeone commented that he wanted to take a trip for a long time and that thanks to the Bankil Project Credit it has been possible.

  1. Esteban says that his son finished his studies and used a Payday loan from Bankil to give him a good gift.
  2. Hidalgo confirms that financing with Bankil is very easy and that customer service is very good at all times.
  3. Panayotov says he saw the Bankil ad on television and decided to access the online platform to apply for a loan and enjoy a well-deserved vacation.
  4. Bordas says that he was able to buy his baby’s car thanks to a Bankil Project Credit.

In short, nobody speaks badly about the Bankil Project Credit, but quite the opposite: all opinions about Bankil are positive. In fact, in 2015 Bankil customer service was chosen as the best of 2015. If we look at more recent figures, we find that 98% of Bankil customers declare themselves satisfied with the service according to the IPSOS of February 2016.

Therefore, if you are looking for a fast, easy to process, secure and flexible Payday loan depending on your particular conditions, then the Project Credit is the financing option you were looking for. Access the official website of Bankil and apply for your loan right now. You will have your money in minutes!

Summary of Bankil Project Credit

Summary: Do you need a personal project for any project you want to carry out? With Bankil Project Credit you can get up to € 15,000 with very competitive interest rates. Apply now!